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About us

At AMA, we take you on an exciting journey through the rich flavors and culinary traditions of Asia. We are passionate about celebrating the diversity that Asian cuisine offers while utilizing our Nordic ingredients. Our inspiration comes from the culinary cultures that have emerged when Asia has met other parts of the world, where traditional dishes are prepared with local ingredients. Here, you can experience fresh fish dishes like ceviche and tiradito from the Nikkei cuisine, originating from the fusion of Japan and Peru, as well as a modern interpretation of the Laotian Thai Larb salad or the Thai Massaman curry, with influences from Persia and India.


Ama - A tribute to Japanese history

Over 2000 years ago, freediving women began to handpick oysters and pearls along the Japanese coast. They were nationally celebrated for their hard work, marking the beginning of a lasting tradition. The divers were called AMA, which in Japanese means "sea women." Today, this ancient technique has been recognized as a sustainable way of fishing. AMA offers both traditional and innovative dishes inspired by pan-Asian cuisine and the exquisite offerings of the sea. The heart of the restaurant is the open kitchen with a seafood bar, grill, and cocktail bar. In the summer, the outdoor terrace on the quayside by the harbor promenade opens, where you can enjoy food and drinks in the afternoon sun.


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AMA Restaurant - En grupp skålar med mat på is
AMA Restaurant


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